‘Government as a human act of governing oneself and one’s responsibilities and one’s dependents is very different from the modern institution of the State.’ — Alana Roberts, from her film review of The Dark Knight Rises

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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Until the righteous King arrives, all is anarchy.

What people or nation on earth will take up the call of Jesus Christ? 
Not by exhibiting harmless religious piety or doing condescending works of charity,
but by saying what He says, and doing what He does?

Not a single disciple of Jesus waited till he could decide whether or not he agreed with Christ's words.
Each simply responded to the call, immediately.
Why are we all so incapable of doing this?
Who or what has tied our hands?

Anything can become a cult.
Any man's ideas or teachings can become a cult,
and will become a cult unless reason steps in.
And where does this reason come from?
It comes from Jesus Christ,
because of all the sons of men, His ideas and teachings alone do not become a cult,
that is, when they are followed, not just believed.

Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock… but everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand.

So this offends you?
Go ahead, be offended.
It's your choice, but all it does is betray your weakness and self-doubt.
Not God, nor the man who is sure of God, can be offended.
Only those who only believe.

I believe very little, but I trust much.
A little good sometimes comes from belief, but more often a lot of evil.
But from trust, the reverse is true.
A little evil sometimes comes from trust, but more often a lot of good.
And absolutely true, that only good comes from trust
when the One you trust is the only One who can be trusted absolutely.
That is, Jesus Christ.



  1. Perhaps trust is the issue. We might say that the Apostles responded immediately to the call because they trusted instantly. They recognized Christ for Who He is and they understood the significance of His teachings--not perfectly, but more than adequately. For some of us, trust builds slowly. Or, we respond to the call and it takes us on a path much different from the one we envisioned. Yet, as you said, only good comes from trusting Christ.

  2. I believe little but I trust much... yes, I'm there too.

    Convert enthusiasm leaves only a tiny pearl behind. "Hang on to what little you have" - I hear the Lord's admonition from time to time. Orthodox fundamentalism is a terrifying challenge to belief, and it seems to pop up in places where scandals have destroyed the people's trust in their church leadership or there is some other cause for fear that the church will fall apart or lose more members than it can afford to. Somehow, the knowledge that Christ God is good and loves me is held separately from all that. Also, in places where someone wants gain power over someone else through guilt or the compulsions that abuse leaves behind.

    I love your new blog. So much here is just what I've needed. This is, indeed, the hard stuff - for those of us who live there. The picture at the top is great - Peter looks so out of countenance, unsure of protocol, holding himself back from bolting, held by love. The other faces are so expressive, too.

    Ayn Rand, whom I have been reading, rigorously assumes that religion is all renunciation and sacrifice and self-abnegation and grovelling and fear of being tortured if one pursues one's inmost choice, and placating people who have nothing to recommend them. I laugh, knowing that Christ can be all things to all men. I feel that if she ever met the real Jesus instead of the ones presented to her in a degenerate church, she would be like one of the people in her novels, who instantly recognizes another person as being made of the finest stuff. Ah, so you are The Firstborn, she might say. Excuse me, please, I had no idea.

    Well, I hope so.